Why Integra?

There we were, back in the day when we worked for Fortune 500 companies, pondering why it was taking the IT folks so long to provision our development virtual machines.  The wait could be days, or sometimes even weeks.  Think about the time and money lost while we sat waiting for the tools necessary to do our jobs, think about the IT folks and their backlog, and also think about management wondering why they were not seeing any results.  Frustration everywhere.

There had to be a better way, one where the process for creating a VM could be vetted by IT and then be consumed directly by us.  This is the short story from where Integra gets its roots, the whole motivation being to help IT automate their tasks and exposing those tasks for consumption by what are now called citizen integrators.  By helping IT we were helping ourselves, and ultimately helping the company's bottom line.

Integra has evolved significantly from those days, but its core principles remain:

  • Flexible - we hold no allegiance to any vendor, and neither should you.  Things are constantly changing in IT environments, so if tomorrow you have to swap out a database or a storage array or any other piece of your infrastructure, Integra will adapt to that change.  You can forget about the days when you were tied by the hip to a vendor's hardware and their software.
  • Simple - if Integra was not simple to use, IT would never embrace it.  Have you ever felt an IT tool crammed down your throat, just because there is a fanboy that's pushing for it?  We've been there, too.  You don't need an advanced degree to get Integra going in your environment.  As a matter of fact, you can install it in less then 3 minutes, and be up and running in less than 5.
  • Powerful - Integra is so lightweight that it can run fine with 512 MB of memory.  It can scale elastically as demand comes and goes.  It can run in the cloud or on prem.  And it has a REST API, a CLI, SDKs in 7 languages, a vCenter Plug-In, and a Mobile UI, too.

With Integra we know you will be as successful as we were. Don't delay; try it today and see for yourself.