All Hail Free. All Hail Open Source.

Today marks a transcendental milestone in the life of Emitrom: all of the products we currently offer will be free as of 9.4.2012. That's free as in gratis. Free as in beer. And to make the deal even sweeter, we will be switching everything we currently have to an Apache 2 license. Yes, you read that right: everything free, and everything open source. You can thank us by making this go viral, so go tell all your friends, family, and even your enemies about this wonderful set of news.

The products that you will now be able to use for free and open source are Touch4j 3.0, Titanium4j 3.0, Flex4j 2.0 and Air4j 2.0. We consider the free and Apache-licensed products to be a major milestone, so as such all the frameworks bare a new major version (and include bugfixes). There are more products coming, and those that are will more than likely follow suit. We are 100% certain that by making our software free and offering it with an Apache 2 license, it will have a greater impact in the software community than it already has.

What is also changing is our support pricing model. All of you who have interacted with us know we will stick our hands in the fire when it comes to supporting you. By now charging only for support, we ensure that we will be able to provide an even better service. This is nothing more than a small trade-off for the price and license we are providing, and we are confident that our users will be the ones who benefit in the end. Expect the site to have all these updates by 9.4.2012.

As you can probably imagine, this is a radical move on our part, but it is nothing more than a pivotal point in our life as a young startup. It could not have come, however, at a better time: this is Emitrom's anniversary week. A year ago we broke into the market with the GWT4 products, namely the GWT4Titanium framework. A lot has happened since then, and many more products have joined the lineup. We could not be happier than making everything available to the world for free, with an open source license no less, and more so at the culmination of a fantastic year.

Cheers to you, our community, for driving us to making this change. We are humbled for the impact that we've had so far, and we are now ecstatic to see what is yet to come.

Happy coding!

The Emitrom Team