Beta, Baby!

  • Posted on: 1 December 2014
  • By: David La Motta

We are extremely proud to announce the first beta of Integra, Emitrom's integration, orchestration and automation PaaS.

Integra is Flexible:  think of it as IT's Swiss Army knife.  Do you want it to do data protection? Check.  Do you need it to send VM backups to S3 and Azure at the same time? Check.  Do you need Integra to monitor your VMs for resource consumption and get a graph in your email every Friday? Check that one, too.

Integra is Simple:  we don't want to impose Python or Ruby on you, nor have you learn what a puppet, a master, a minion, and a recipe are outside of their traditional meanings.  With Integra you drag and drop actions that suit your use cases, simple as that.  Want things to run in parallel?  That is easy too: just assign the same priority to the steps that are to execute in parallel.

Integra is Powerful:  the power of Integra comes from its providers and the actions they expose:  string along those actions to fit your needs and create workflows that can be consumed in a self-service portal, from anywhere.  If Integra does not expose a Provider you need, we'll be happy to work with you to include it in our ecosystem.  We want you to worry on the what, not on the how...

The Integra roadmap is rich, with our only intent being simplifying the way IT is seen and leveraged by its customers.   Expect a marketplace, a developer program, videos, tutorials and docs, and know that we are nose to the ground working on all these things as fast and as best we can.

This beta release is our Cyber Monday gift to you, and will run in its current state throughout December.  Try it and reach out to us if you need help.  The Emitrom Google+ community is a great place to ask questions, report bugs, get help from the experts, or simply interact with us to say hello.

Happy Beta Testing.