Integra 1.0.1 Available For Download Today

  • Posted on: 20 February 2015
  • By: David La Motta

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Integra 1.0.1 is ready to be downloaded.  This patch release addresses a couple of items that were left out of the 1.0 GA, namely:

  • Improved the already awesome installer with a new menu
  • Log and configuration file locations have changed.  Read more about that in the user guide
  • The vCenter plugin now displays versions for all of the providers as well as the reactor
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
For those of you who have version 1.0.0 installed, simply run the online installer and select version 1.0.1.  Make sure to select both the vCenter plugin as well as the reactor and providers during the upgrade.  The steps are the exact same if you are starting out with version 1.0.1.

We are already working on a couple of great features that we know you are going to love.  One of those features, in particular, brings the ability to import / export providers, actions, workflows and schedules from / to a file.  This means you can now start versioning your configurations in SCM (e.g., GitHub, Perforce, etc), sharing them with other Integra users across the world, or even just reusing them yourself after doing some cleanup.  And there is a lot more coming!

As always, find us on our Google+ community and let us know how we can help!  

Happy updating.