Integra 1.1.0 Available For Download Today

  • Posted on: 22 June 2015
  • By: David La Motta

We are happy to announce the general availability of Integra 1.1.0.  This release packs a few interesting things, most notably Integra in Docker containers.  As you may imagine, this allows you to run Integra in AWS EC2 Container Services, the Google Container Engine, or Kubernetes in your own environment.  Integra's architecture lends itself beautifully for the container model, and now with services like the ones mentioned you can achieve massive scalability.  

Other feature of great importance is the new Apply Logic action, which was added to all providers except VSS and PowerShell.  With this action you can do filters, jump ahead to a workflow step, or execute arbitrary Groovy or ECMAScript code.  If you haven't already, check out this blog post that covers this topic.

Another of my personal favorite features added to this release is the ability to persist and share your workflows in GitHub.  You can now request your IT vendors to create, test and certify the Integra workflows that you need in your environment for added piece of mind.  Regardless, anybody can create and bless an Integra workflow and store it in GitHub (either a public or private repo) so others can consume it.

Without further ado, please see below for a list of what's new in 1.1.

New features:

Bug fixes:

  • Cloud (AWS / Azure) restore failing when running action outside of a workflow
  • OSGI dependencies not satisfied on vCenter and higher
  • Workflow step timeout missing from the CLI
  • AWS provider fails to load default config if config file is not present
  • Tag filters are reset after Action save button is clicked

You can download Integra 1.1 using the traditional means, or you may pull down the container images from DockerHub directly.

Should you have any questions, please reach out via email, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn... you may even use a Homing Pigeon if you'd like.  As long as we get the message, we'll be glad to help.

Happy upgrading!