The Docker Way

  • Posted on: 11 May 2015
  • By: David La Motta

"In today's world IT is all about speed and innovation, if you don't have speed you cannot innovate, if you cannot innovate you will perish."

There is no disputing that Integra gives you the ability to move extremely fast.  Today, we are pushing things even faster by making Integra available as Docker containers.  Our judo installer rocks as it is:

...which pulls down the Integra bits, creates services, and will even install the vCenter plugin for you.  How much more awesome can awesome get?  It is hard to imagine, but containers give us precisely that: we made something great, even better.  Take a look:

docker pull integra/reactor

docker run -i -t -d integra/reactor

And you are done.  No dependencies to install, nothing to configure, nothing to worry about... and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Imagine one day using Integra itself to deploy Integra providers; that day is not far off so keep a watchful eye open.

You can get all the details about Integra, Docker and Kubernetes directly from our friend Keith Tenzer's blog.

Innovate or perish.