Flash, flexibly written in Java and under Apache Version 2.0!

Flash is now at your fingertips and you can develop beautiful applications and all in Java!


Your clients keep asking you to build flashy applications. They want beautiful animations, charts, effects, slick looking widgets. You are looking to write stunning webbased games using an incredible rich platform. Flash seems like a good candidate but you would love to leverage the existing resources you already have internally. Welcome to Flash4j

You can now create amazing Apps and all in an easy manner. Our framework will give you instant access to more than 500 Rich UI components. Client side file processing, specially PDF and Excel, GPU accelerated 2D and 3D games engines are all of a sudden a reality and super easy to implement.

Don't believe it, see the demo, look at the source code or better yet Try it yourself!


What is Flash4j ?

Flash4j is a Java application framework designed for creating rich and interactive web applications for the desktop.
The goal of Flash4j is to combine Flash and HTML5 in an unique way, giving you the power of both platform to create amazing applications.

Where can I get Flash4j ?

You can download Flash4j from The Flash4j download page. Alternatively, you can access the sources on GitHub

How to get started with Flash4j ?

The getting started tutorial can be found here. You can also access more tutorials on the tutorial section .Some real world examples with source code are also available on GitHub

What license is Flash4j available under ?

Flash4j is free and Open Source under the Apache 2.0 license. Read more about licensing here. Emitrom does offer payed support for Flash4j but this is fully optional. So to make it clear: You have to pay Emitrom exactly 0$ to use Flash4j !

Where can I get help with my technical questions ?

You can post technical questions to the forum or our Google+ Community. There are lots of tutorials, articles and other documentation available there. And don't forget to try our site-wide custom search. If you happen to find the answer to your forum question before we do, you can reply to yourself!

How does Flash4j differ from other GWT based libraries like Ext GWT and Smart GWT?

Flash4j applications leverage the Flash platform. So you need the Flash plugin to run them. While the dependency to the Flash plugin sounds like a disanvatage Flash still does certain things better and more efficiently than HTML5. One of the biggest argument against Flash is that it does not work on mobile. Guess what ? The above libraries either.

Who is developing Flash4j ?

Flash4j is mainly developed and maintained by Emitrom. As in most open source projects, however, hobbyists and professional enthusiasts play a big role in its development. Flash4j source code is freely available on GitHub

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