An open source cross-platform structured graphics toolkit.

Lienzo supports the development of 2D structured graphics programs in Java.

The toolkit allows you to build scalable graphics applications (in Java) that will run in any browser or device that supports the HTML5 Canvas API, including smart phones and tablets.

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Lienzo provides an amazingly large number of features out the box:
  • Vast number of shape primitives that can be grouped into multi-level node trees.
  • Incredibly fast selection of nodes in large node structures.
  • Dragging of nodes with support for custom drag constraints.
  • Embedding Pictures and Movies.
  • Animation.
  • Image Filters.
  • Serialization of node structures into JSON (and back from JSON into node structures).
  • Support for complex transformations of node structures.
  • Support for Web Fonts in Text nodes.
  • Support for Mobile and Web Events.
  • And much more ...
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