All products, unless otherwise stated, are FREE and have an Apache License Version 2.0


Emitrom is an independent Architect and Systems Integrator of server, network, telecommunication, storage and virtualization products. We cover a vast number of areas of technologies and as part of our custom enterprise software applications services, we have had to create through out the years more efficient development tools to enable faster and more portable enterprise ready solutions. We have decided to make every possible effort we can and donate to the community many of the development tools we have developed.

We feel that through community sharing and contributions, our work will benefit others and at some point this collaboration vision will also help our own company and others in the long run. Many companies have also asked us to provide different tiers of support services for the many free products we offer. As such we have created a reasonable and comprehensive series of support contracts that can be purchased if more formal support than the one offered by the community and the Emitrom members in the forums is needed.

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Subscriptions Standard Premium Enterprise
Access to public releases for current version
Free Standard Forum Support account
Free Upgrades to next Major Release (w/in 12 mo.)
Premium Forum Support Account --
Emergency Bug Fixes --
Telephone Support -- --
Preferential Feature Requests -- --
Max Initial Response Time 72 Hours (9 - 5 PM M-F EST) 48 Hours (9 - 5 PM M-F EST) 2 Hours