Titanium4j Mobile and Desktop

Build incredible native applications for Mobile and Desktop in Java !

From Java to highly optimized JavaScript, to native code. You can now easily develop iOS and Android, Blackberry, Tizen, Windows, Mac OS and Linux Apps all in Java!

Mobile Support

From the marriage of Appcelerator's Titanium Mobile API and the Google Web Tookit comes Titanium4j Mobile, or Ti4j Mobile for short. We tap into the closeness to the hardware and the cleanliness of the Titanium API, and expose it as a Java API. As such, we are now in the world we know and are comfortable with, letting Eclipse shower us with code-assist love. Once Java is written, the task at hand is to rein it in and convert it to back to Javascript. For this we use the GWT compiler, be it from the IDE or the command line. Out comes Javascript, which is referenced in a single line from Appcelerator's Titanium Studio, ready for deployment or debugging. Finally, perfect is here. We can write in Java for all the mobile platforms that Appcelerator supports, and the only Javascript we will have had to write is one line with an include statement.

Titanium4j is the missing link that Java developers are looking for. "Write once, run anywhere" is here for mobile, thanks to Appcelerator, Google and Emitrom.

Desktop Support

The TideSDK framework allows developers to write high performant native Desktop applications for Linux, Windows and Mac OS using Webtechologies. Desktop support inside Titanium4j takes this to another level by allowing you to do it all in Java ! Following API are on call away:
  • FileSystem
  • UI
  • DataBase
  • Network
  • Notification
  • Media
  • and more
With Titanium4j Desktop building desktop applications has never been this easy and fun !


What is Titanium4j ?

Titanium4j(Ti4j) is a Java application framework designed for creating rich and interactive native applications for mobile and desktop.
The mobile package inside Ti4j leverages Appcelerator Titanium Mobile to create native mobile applications.
The desktop package inside Ti4j leverages The TideSDK to create native desktop applications.
Titanium4j takes the underlying frameworks to another level by making you avoid JavaScript and puting all Java libraries and tools are at your disposal

Where can i get Titanium4j ?

You can download Titanium4j from The Titanium4j download page. Alternatively, you can access the sources on GitHub

How to get started with Titanium4j ?

The getting started tutorial can be found here. You can also access more tutorials on the tutorial section .Some real world examples with source code are also available on GitHub

What license is Titanium4j available under ?

Titanium4j is free and Open Source under the Apache 2.0 license. Read more about licensing here. Emitrom does offer payed support for Titanium4j but this is fully optional. So to make it clear: You have to pay Emitrom exactly 0$ to use Titanium4j !

Where can i get help with my technical questions ?

You can post technical questions to the forum. There are lots of tutorials, articles and other documentation available there. And don't forget to try our site-wide custom search. If you happen to find the answer to your forum question before we do, you can reply to yourself!

How does Titanium4j Mobile differ from Touch4j and mGWT?

Titanium4j applications are native , while Touch4j and mGWT application are webbased.

Who is developing Titanium4j ?

Titanium4j is mainly developed and maintained by Emitrom. As in most open source projects, however, hobbyists and professional enthusiasts play a big role in its development. Titanium4j source code is freely available on GitHub

Appcelerator and Titanium are registered trademarks of Appcelerator, Inc. Java is registered trademark of Oracle, Inc. TideSDK is registered trademark of the TideSDK project.
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