Cross-platform HTML5 enterprise mobile dev in java!

A simple to use Java API for Sencha Touch, Google Maps and Apache Cordova(PhoneGap) !

Develop slick mobile web apps that will look and feel like native iOS, Android and BlackBerry using the Secha Touch API but do it in the language you know with the tools you already know in Java.

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Sencha describes it as: "Sencha Touch is a cross-platform framework aimed at next generation, touch enabled, devices. It's currently compatible with Apple iOS 3+, Android 2.1+, and BlackBerry 6+ devices. Together these devices represent over 95% of current US mobile traffic."

Sencha Touch is indeed a powerful framework that allows you to develop mobile applications. With Touch4j we now allow you to create great mobile user interfaces but all in Java. Don't wait any longer, download our package and try it for yourself!


What is Touch4j ?

Touch4j is a Java application framework designed for creating HTML5 based mobile applications using the Java language
For that Touch4j leverages the GWT Toolkit and Sencha Touch giving developers best of both worlds.

Where can I get Touch4j ?

You can download Touch4j from The Touch4j download page. Alternatively, you can access the sources on GitHub

How to get started with Touch4j ?

The getting started tutorial can be found here. You can also access more tutorials on the tutorial section .Touch4j KitchenSink and Touch4j Charts Demo are some real world examples built with Touch4j.

What license is Touch4j available under ?

Touch4j is free and Open Source under the Apache 2.0 license. Read more about licensing here. Emitrom does offer payed support for Touch4j but this is fully optional. So to make it clear: You have to pay Emitrom exactly 0$ to use Touch4j !

Where can I get help with my technical questions ?

You can post technical questions to the forum. There are lots of tutorials, articles and other documentation available there. And don't forget to try our site-wide custom search. If you happen to find the answer to your forum question before we do, you can reply to yourself!

How does Touch4j differ from other GWT based libraries like mGWT or smartGWT Mobile?

Touch4j applications leverage Sencha Touch. So you get access to what's available in Sencha Touch out of the box. While starting Touch4j we could have built a new library from the scracth. But why reinvent the wheel ? Sencha Touch is the industry leading framework for JavaScript based mobile libraries. And now you get the same result but all in Java.

Who is developing Touch4j ?

Touch4j is mainly developed and maintained by Emitrom. As in most open source projects, however, hobbyists and professional enthusiasts play a big role in its development. Touch4j source code is freely available on GitHub

Sencha Touch is a completely separate package on which Touch4j has a dependency on. The two products are separate; in order to use Touch4j you must absolutely download the Sencha Touch package from the Sencha website.

Sencha and Sencha Touch are registered trademarks of Sencha, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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